25 June 2024,   12:24
Unbalanced spending by the government and panic in population - economists name reasons of impairment

The main reason for the mpairement of the Lari rateaccording to the economic experts is misuse of the budget and its unreasonable expenditure. The part of the specialists is convinced that the government has no plan to overcome the deadlock because of the very difficult situation and address the ruling team with recommendations. The official value of 1 dollar is more than 2.75 GEL. The Euro is almost 3.14 GEL

"The first reason is that the government is still spending budgets unequally and it was inevitable because there is wrong planning and we have seen that they have hundreds of millions to spend in the last few months, and the second reason is the expectations that are created in the country, the panic. The fact is that the government can not cope with the challenges, "- said economist Zviad Khorguashvili.