19 June 2024,   10:52
New Wires in Atotsi - Anti-Occupational Movement "Strength is in Unity" Begins 24-hour Surveillance in the Village

Anti-occupation movement "Strength is in Unity" begins 24 hour surveillance on the territory of Atotsi.

According to David Katsarava, the founder of the movement, they will stay in place until Russia"s actions are not adequately answered by the Georgian authorities.

The anti-occupation movement "Strength is in Unity" calls on politicians, non-governmental organizations, civil activists to come to the village and protest against the occupants" actions.

"Here I think that every politician should be mobilized. From here the briefings should be held . Here we have to invite the diplomatic corps. Government, etc. Unfortunately, this does not happen. Sadly, today Russians have a free hand and I think that it civil activism that should show courage, "- said Davit Katsarava.

Intensive reinforcement of new barriers on the one kilometer long section of the village is going on from morning. Occupants install the poles and iron fence. 30 hectares of land has already gone beyond the barbed wire fences, to Georgia"s uncontrolled territory.