22 May 2024,   04:12
Attack on "Courier" crew - "Journalistic Ethics Charter"requests adequate and timely investigation of the case

The attack on the "Courier" crew - the Charter of Journalistic Ethics, which has released a special statement today, requests the adequate and timely investigation of the case.
According to the statement of the Charter of Journalistic Ethics, if the perpetrators will not be punished in this case, it will encourage in some form the violence against journalists .
"The Charter of Journalistic Ethics of Georgia addresses law enforcement agencies with a request to timely investigate the case and inform the public about the results of the investigation. Leaving any case like that unattended and impunity of offenders encourages violence against journalists and worsens the working environment.
"Non-governmental organizations, as well as public agencies, should be interested in ensuring transparency and cooperation with the media, and they should facilitate the free movement of media representatives.
"If a journalist violates the rules of professional ethics and / or the law, there are civilized forms for it, and violence and attack are inadmissible," the statement reads.