22 June 2024,   06:32
"You will have to kill all of us ... you will have to shoot people who protect their land" - Katsarava to Russian occupants

If you are Russian, I will tell you that you are occupants - Davit Katsarava, the founder of anti-occupation movement, appealed to Russian soldiers who appeared in Atotsi today.

Katsarava and members of the anti-occupation movement are on duty in Atotsi since November 7 in order to prevent the borderization carried out by occupants.
However, almost a month later, an armed group of occupants appeared in Atotsi again. Members of the organization think that the occupants are going to continue the installation of barbed wire fences.
Davit Katsarava addressed occupants at occupation line in Atotsi:
" I do not know whether you are Ossetians or Russians. If you are Ossetians then this is our territory and if you are Russians then you are occupants and you know that you are on our land ,the Georgian land Now there are six-seven people, but we will be more and you will have to kill all of us before the cameras. You will have to shoot people who protect their land from you. We will not go anywhere from here ".