22 May 2024,   03:32
Tbilisi Mayor denies building a 140-meter skyscraper on Sandro Euli Street

Tbilisi City Hall denies construction of 140-meter skyscraper on Sandro Euli Street.
According to official information, at this moment only the project option is being considered.
City Mayor Kakha Kaladze said that the City Hall will act according to the legislation.
The large-scale construction was planned on the land, which was transferred to the brother of Nata Nadzaidze, judge of Rustavi 2"s case, and later it was registered in the name of Zviad Chokheli.
At the time of land transfer, the government claimed that it was unfit for construction because of the subway line.
If the construction permit is issued now, it will turn out that the land value is much higher than the "Georgian Dream" claimed 2 years ago.