22 May 2024,   02:44
"I will personally take revenge" - head of Adjara government threatens opposition with revenge

"The behavior of our opponents, their statements go beyond all bounds," - the head of the Adjara government threatens the opposition with personal revenge.
Tornike Rizvadze"s statement is uploaded on Rizhvadze"s Facebook page.
According to him, he will completely cleared the political field from opponents unacceptable for him.
According to Tornike Rizvadze, under the leadership of the Prime Minister, the ruling team will defend the rights of every human being.
"Yesterday you heard the shameful statements of Kikava and all other similar kinds of subjects .I declare that I will personally take revenge on everyone who dares disrespect the dignity of the people of Adjara.We will carry out a control blow and I promise that I will bring this process to the end and all these people will be cleaned from this field. I"m not going to have any political or mercantile trade with anyone. Under the leadership of the Prime Minister , our team will defend the rights and freedom of every human being. They should realize  that trading  with us can not continue, neither mercantile nor political, "- said Tornike Rizvadze.