17 June 2024,   04:14
Georgian government gets involved in a scandal - US diplomats express concern over possible blocking of US ambassador

Information about the fact that Tbilisi does not want to accept Bridget Brink as US ambassador to Georgia, is unclear for American diplomats.
Thomas Melia, the former deputy secretary of state, said during a comment on the spread information that it is unfortunate because Brink is one of the best diplomats in the Foreign Service.
"I know Bridget Brink. She is one of the most experienced American diplomats ever in our service. She knows Georgia very well and has served in various governments. She is not a supporter or adversary of Saakashvili, or a supporter of "Georgian Dream". She is an American defender and a great friend of the Georgian people, "- said Thomas Melia, former US Secretary of State.
Information about Bridget Brink caused surprise of former US ambassador to Georgia William Courtney. The diplomat says that Bridget Brink is one of the most professional staff of the US Foreign Service.
Davit Kramer, a representative of the congress, also responded to media reports."If Georgia really refuses to accept Brink, then it"s a very unwise decision. Bridget is a senior professor who knows Georgia very well. This would be a great choice to replace Jan Kelly, who has completed his tenure as an ambassador. This is not a normal practice and can not help bilateral relations. It is a shame for those who are responsible for creating this situation, "- Congressman David Kramer writes.
The "Foreign Policy" based on the former and current diplomats in Washington writes that the Georgian government is not going to agree to the appointment of Bridget Brink as ambassador since she favored Mikheil Saakashvili.
"Foreign Policy" writes that the appointment of Brink is supported by US Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Wess Mitchell. The article states that according to multiple U.S. and Georgian sources, the founder of Georgian Dream, former Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili—the country’s richest person, who remains a significant political power broker—was behind the decision.
US Ambassador to Georgia Jan Kelly left Georgia at the beginning of the year. For several months the ambassador was not appointed and Elizabeth Rudy was temporary in charge of duty. Since November 8, the Ambassador Ross Wilson is the acting ambassador.