17 June 2024,   04:40
Violence, Bribing Voters - British Analytical Center evaluates presidential elections

The influential British analytical center Chatham House assesses current events and presidential elections in Georgia.
Physical violence, vote-buying, misuse of state resources and a substantial imbalance in donations between the parties - is an incomplete list of those violations that the British Analytical Center focuses on.
The article says that these elections have a significant impact on Georgia"s image in the international arena.
"The country has elected the region’s first female head of state, but the result is not as progressive as it appears.," the author says.
In parallel, the report mentions the murder case in Khorava Street :
"Scandals including the cover-up of the murders of two teenagers in Tbilisi, in which Georgian Dream officials are alleged to have concealed the involvement of the son of a prosecutor’s office employee, have angered the population, and there remains the perception that many things in government go forward through backroom deals",-states the article