18 June 2024,   22:14
"Georgia"s 1st woman president is inaugurated amid protests" - Foreign Media Writes about Developments in Georgia

"Georgia"s 1st woman president is inaugurated amid protests" - the article under this title was published in " The Washington Post".
According to the publication, the clash between the opposition activists and the police took place after the authorities blocked access to the inauguration.
"Blocked City" - this is how Telavi was referred to by the BBC. The article published on the website of the TV Company says that the motorcade was moving towards Telavi in the morning, but was blocked by police cars and buses.
"The opposition declares that there is no open road to Telavi and the government has blocked roads and violated the right of citizens to move freely," writes the author of the article.
Deutsche Welle focuses the opposition supporters" motor columns which reached a few kilometers.
"Salome Zourabichvili promised to deepen political reconciliation and relations with NATO and Europe in the inauguration where the opposition"s protesters` arrival was blocked ," Reuters reported.According to the influential agency, several thousand supporters of the opposition left for Telavi, but the police did not allow the activists to move freely.