17 June 2024,   05:45
Controversy in Gurjaani - condition of young man beaten at the rally is serious Two citizens injured during the rally are still in Gurjaani hospital.

The health condition of Shota Dalakishvili is hard. The police have inflicted multiple injuries in his head with batons.
Dalaqishvili has a broken jaw, the doctors plan to carry out his operation today.
"He has wounds in his head inflicted with a blunt object. Has broken head in three places, the nose is broken and the right part of the jaw is broken. The health of this person was sacrificed by "Georgian Dream" and his proposed puppet - Salome Zourabichvili, "- Nugzar Nonaashvili, the chairman of the regional organization of the Kaspi district, said.
At the clinic "Geo Hospital" is Esma Maisuradze too, who felt bad during the confrontation.
The woman has a pain in the abdomen