17 June 2024,   04:28
United Opposition launches demonstrations with demand of extraordinary parliamentary elections

The Georgian authorities have restricted the constitutional rights of citizens after stealing elections - Grigol Vashadze made a statement at a special briefing.

The former presidential candidate of the United Opposition says they demand an appointment of extraordinary parliamentary elections, recruitment of commissions and holding elections with a proportional system.

According to Vashadze, permanent demonstration with these demands will be launched tomorrow.

"We demand categorically to hold parliamentary elections in the shortest possible time, to change the electoral administration and to hold elections in proportional terms.
The government should get back to political process from criminal methods. We demand to punish everyone, who were throwing ballot papers in ballot boxes, who led the director of #6 Zugdidi school do death and all, who attacked peaceful citizens yesterday. We are starting from tomorrow, "- says Grigol Vashadze.