22 May 2024,   18:34
"I was beaten in the face strongly ... was kicked up" - severely beaten military recalls the details of the confrontation

Physical attack on the military - severely beaten armed forces contractor David Berishvili tells the details of the physical confrontation in the exclusive interview with Courier.
Davit Berishvili speaks about the terrible details and states that other militaries have been systematically pressured by the superiors and are constantly victims of inhuman and degrading treatment.
The injured soldier says that no one has ever contacted him from the Defense Ministry or the Military Police. He intends to file a suit in order to begin a inquiry into the Vice-colonel actions.
According to the doctor, the condition of the injured is stable, he has brain concussion and remains in the medical institution.
Davit Berishvili, the contractor of the Armed Forces, accuses LTC Elguja Bibinidze of physical confrontation. The young man is still in the hospital. The military police launched an investigation into the violence against military serviceman.