18 June 2024,   09:00
"New Year`s Present from Ivanishvili" - Opposition Assesses Expected Growth of Tariff

The New Year gift from Ivanishvili of the population - the opposition evaluates the expected increase in gas tariffs. Opponents say the government thinks about its comfort at the expense of the economic situation of the people. If the price of natural gas increases, it is inevitable because three large gas distribution companies have already applied the Commission with this purpose. Along with Tbilisi the tariff will rise in the regions and will be determined on the basis of the impairment rate of GEL.
The "National Movement" states that the government, which is hampering the population, should be removed from power and the society must choose a new government.
Tinatin Bokuchava draws attention to the promises of "Georgian Dream".
"This is the government, which promised to halve tariffs and instead increases the price on electricity, gas, general food and as a result population is getting poorer," said Tinatin Bokuchava.
The European Georgia also draws attention to the wrong economic policy pursued by the government.
Zurab Tchiaberashvili states that every wrong step that has taken place in the last few years is reflected on the population.
"Every year, Bidzina Ivanishvili is making a" gift "to the Georgian public, last year the new tariff for electricity was introduced, unfortunately now they are going to have a new gas tariff," said Zurab Tchiaberashvili.