19 June 2024,   11:06
President to present three candidates for CEC chairmanship after consulting with civil sector - Gabunia does not confirm that Tamar Zhvania"s candidacy is being discussed

One of the first solutions of Salome Zurabishvili. The president will name the chairman of the Central Election Commission.

The President"s Administration offers consultations to NGOs for selection of candidates. According to the president"s parliamentary secretary, the president should nominate three candidates for the CEC chairmanship, who will be submitted to the election administration for approval.
"Tomorrow we will nominate three candidates for the CEC chairmanship in accordance with the procedure prescribed by law ," Dimitri Gabunia said.
The president"s parliamentary secretary says he does not have information yet who will be nominated as a candidate for the CEC chairperson. Dimitri Gabunia does not confirm that the president will discuss Tamar Zhvania"s candidacy again.