25 June 2024,   08:37
Ruling team divided into two camps - confrontation in the "Dream" may result in the loss of the constitutional majority

The confrontation in the parliamentary majority is getting worse. It is not ruled out that the disagreement may result in the loss of the constitutional majority. There are different opinions in the "Georgian Dream"about the reasons for Eka Beselia"s resignation.One part says that Beselia has made this decision because if the judges of the Supreme Court, and according to the second part, the cause is not related to judges but other problems within the team.
"I was simply concerned by the fact that the situation is presented as if Eka Beselia"s resignation is related to the issue of judges. It is not connected with the issue of judges actually. The reason as the Chairman of the Parliament stated is quite different and there has been many discussions about it and the time will probably come when the society should be informed about these issues, "said Sophio Kiladze.
The MPs do not specify at this stage, but it is expected that the confrontation will continue, as Eka Beselia"s associates and adversaries promise to make noise announcements in the nearest days.
One of the leaders of the ruling team Nukri Kantaria speaks about changes. Asked if the ruling team could lose a constitutional majority, Kantaria said "it is not a tragedy and what is logical should be developed."