20 July 2024,   16:29
House of author of scandalous story about Wrestling Federation President is shot - Courier Journalist becomes a target of attack

A journalist of Rustavi 2 becomes a target of an attack. Davit Eradze, who is an author of the scandalous story about the President of the Wrestling Federation found a bullet on the balcony of his house. The door is damaged.

Law enforcers and criminalists were mobilized in the city centre , Kuchishvili street, at Davit Eradze"s house for several hours today.

The investigation must determine what happened on Vera. Was it an accident or the journalist was a target. Who and why shot in a direction of the journalist"s house. Davit Eradze spent two hours at the police Department.

" They asked me whether or not I do I link it to my job, but I do not have an answer. Till not I don"t link it with anything and I do not want to link it with anything. I don"t want to believe that we live in a country, where a journalist can face such a danger due to her/his work,"- Davit Eradze says.
The MIA has launched an investigation under Article 236.