14 August 2022,   04:45
"Even during the Russian aggression, the Lari never peaked at 2.9" - the opposition speaks about the impairment of the Lari

The Antirecord of Lari is on the historic mark - the national currency is negligible as it was not even during the hostilities in 2008. Opponents of the government say that the ruling party"s claims are wrong, that the devaluation of the currency is linked to the current rallies in the country. They say that the fall of the course of Lari is a fault of the government"s wrong economic policy.
Davit Bakradze, Chairman of "European Georgia - Movement for Freedom" states that due to the corruption in the country, the inflow of investments has been reduced and consequently it will be directly reflected on the course of Lari . He said that Georgia has incompetent government that has no vision to solve the problem.
" In 2010, when the whole Tbilisi center was paralyzed by the caves of the opposition, the parliament and other governmental institutions were not able to function for three months, and the dollar rate was 1.7. I remind the public, that even during the Russian aggression, the Lari has never peaked to 2.9 as it is in these days.The reason is that Georgia has a government that does not have any plan and vision, and the abandoned countries currency is vividly underestimated. Nowadays Georgia has a government full of corruption and nepotism, and of course, it hits to the Lari, " - Davit Bakradze said.
The member of the political council of the "United National Movement" speaks about the lack of investments. According to Zurab Melikishvili, the loss of the couse of Lari is the challenge for the country, on which the government should respond with appropriate steps.
"Today the country has a government that forces violence against its population. For Georgia is salient rallies, strikes, change of government, but to take the example from the previous period, the stable course of the national currency, was constantly accompanied by all this. This is a challenge that the government should respond with its consistent steps, but the present government is in its own criminal regime," - Zurab Melikishvili said.