20 January 2022,   09:35
Zalkaliani-Lavrov meeting - Opposition summons Georgian Foreign Minister to the Parliament

Opposition summoned Davit Zalkaliani to the Parliament because of his meeting with Sergey Lavrov. The National Movement demands that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia provide the legislators with comprehensive information about the content and expediency of this meeting in a committee hearing format.
According to Giorgi Baramidze, a member of the political council of the United National Movement, there should be intensive negotiations between Russia and Georgia, though he says that this should not happen one by one.
"This should be done not on a one-to-one basis where Georgia will be weakly represented, because Russia is a much stronger, more aggressive country with a not honest Government. But in a format where we are much stronger, with our friends”, - said Giorgi Baramidze.
Giga Bokeria, a member of the "European Georgia" faction, has no good expectations from the Lavrov-Zalkaliani meeting.
"The Government of Ivanishvili has neither the vision, nor the will nor the confidence to effectively defend Georgia"s interests in this situation. An additional factor is the figure of the Minister himself. He has zero political weight, so I can hardly imagine that he would have the ability, even diplomatically, to do something that would really benefit us", - said Giga Bokeria.
The meeting of foreign ministers is considered necessary by the majority. Giorgi Volski cannot say for sure how successful the talks can be, but says that Georgia"s national interests must come to the forefront.
Georgia"s ambassador to the USA also speaks about this topic. According to Davit Bakradze, there has been a strong support from the partners to find ways of dialogue to alleviate the existence of residents on both sides of the occupation line.