20 January 2022,   09:15
By 2020 pensions will increase by 20-30 GEL - Giorgi Gakharia

The Government of Georgia held an extraordinary session in order to discuss the 2020 budget. It is known that the main financial document of the country will be increased next year and the budget will exceed 14 billion. The sitting started a few minutes ago with the statement of the Prime Minister.
Ministry of Infrastructure remains the priority of the State and its funding will increase by 70 million GEL.
As the Prime Minister of Georgia said his priority, first of all, is to address the needs of citizens and the key financial document for next year would be based on these principles.
During the extraordinary session Giorgi Gakharia noted that the budget for 2020 provides the increase of pensions for all pensioners and persons with disabilities. The salaries of teachers, law enforcers and people, equal to them will also increase.
“The 2020 budget is socially responsible and aimed at economic development. This is a budget of more opportunities for our citizens, so we believe it is based on the needs of our citizens, and most importantly, it takes into account the social interests of the most important group of the society, the group on which the future of our country depend, and first of all, they are children. Of course, which we have an obligation to care for our honored older people as well. In addition, this budget also focuses on teachers, doctors, law enforcers and soldiers. That is why the basic principle of this budget is the needs of our citizens and we believe that this is the social responsibility of the state.
At the level of principles, we can say that the 2020 budget provides for an increase in pensions for older people, persons with disabilities under the age of 18, persons with disabilities of first and second groups. Specifically, the pensions will be raised by GEL 20.
In addition, starting July 1, the pensions for people over the age of 70 years will be additionally increased by 30 GEL.
If remuneration for part-time teachers increases both in the current and future school years - teachers" salaries will increase by 300 GEL. We will increase the salary of law enforcers, soldiers and people equal to them by at least 125 GEL”, - said Giorgi Gakharia.