18 January 2021,   11:29
Conti International remains shareholder of the Anaklia Development Consortium

Conti International remains a shareholder of the Anaklia Development Consortium, the Anaklia Development Consortium announced today.

"Due to high public interest, the Anaklia Development Consortium would like to announce: we were informed today that Conti International has changed its mind and remains our shareholder”, - the Consortium said.

Levan Akhvlediani, director general of the Consortium, said that Conti Group still owns a 42% share in Anaklia Holding: “Conti International changed its decision and decided to stay in the project. Its share remains the same as it was before - 42%. We certainly welcome this timely decision. We did not make any statement when they announced that they were leaving the project, and we are not allowed to talk about the reasons for their decision now either. I am sure Conti International will make explanations sooner or later”.

It was announced on August 15 that as the U.S.-based Conti International, one of the main partners of Anaklia deep sea port project, decided to quit the Anaklia Development Consortium.