18 January 2022,   19:43
Prime Minister discusses improved therapeutic elements within a more effective use of COVID hotels and mobilization of hospital beds in intensive care units with managers of healthcare facilities

The Prime Minister of Georgia continues intensive meetings with managers of healthcare facilities engaged in the process of COVID-19 pandemic together with Ekaterine Tikaradze, Minister of Health by taking into account the epidemic situation witnessed in the country.

Improvement of therapeutic elements within a more effective use of COVID Hotels and mobilization of hospital beds in the intensive care units were among the key topics discussed today by and between Giorgi Gakharia and managers of healthcare facilities.

Focus was made on the intensive testing program implemented through a 2-Month-Long Plan of COVID Restrictions imposed by the Government, which will facilitate a quick diagnostic of infected individuals and provision of information to them, making sure that community transfer rate slows down. It was once again stressed that facemasks and social distancing remain to be the most important preventive measures.

At the same time, focus was made on the significance of preventing an overburdening of the hospital sector to leave no one behind the medical care, especially those who need it most in the first instance. Managers of healthcare facilities noted that in line with the plan announced at the previous meetings, they supplemented additional beds both in therapy and intensive care units and work continues towards this end.

It was noted that hospitalization of only acute cases is important, while light cases should be again treated at home though active consultations with family doctors or at COVID Hotels, which are under a therapeutic management of healthcare facilities. It was mentioned at the meeting that active engagement of the Ministry of Health led to the gradual resolution of a problem associated with oxygen concentrates and no problems will be experienced in their supply and delivery. It was thereby noted that logistical issues are being effectively managed at this stage, which resulted from a close and active interaction between the Government and private sector, as well as being an outcome of effort taken in preparation for the second wave of the pandemic.

In the opinion of healthcare facility managers, Georgia at present does not lag behind the leading European countries in terms of organization and effective management. The Head of Government of Georgia underlined the high degree of mobilization within the hospital sector and once again thanked the healthcare professionals for it.

It was noted at the meeting that the situation is manageable and under control, irrespective of the current epidemic situation witnessed in the country. Almost 27 000 active cases of COVID-19 are being managed throughout the country at present. According to the healthcare professionals, special attention is still paid to patients in acute and critical conditions.