25 January 2022,   18:08
Prime Minister meets the executives of clinics engaged in COVID-19 management

In light of the epidemiological situation in Georgia, the Prime Minister continues a series of active meetings with the executives of clinics engaged in COVID-19 management.

The stabilizing effect of the Government’s 2-month restrictions plan on Georgia’ epidemiological situation, the state of affairs in the nationwide hospital sector, and steps toward mobilizing medical equipment were the key topics of today’s meeting between the Head of Government and clinic executives.

The executives of clinics engaged in COVID-19 management underlined the role of the applicable restrictions in the relative stabilization of the epidemiological situation, also pointing out that extra caution must be exercised to avoid rapidly increasing mobility and undermining the success thus far.

According to them, as a result of the successful management of the epidemiological situation, the panic among the population is subsiding, with clearly visible signs of adaptation to the virus, though it is crucial for the state, the private sector, and citizens alike to comply with all rules designed to prevent the spread of the virus.

The meeting also discussed the situation in clinical hotels with boosted therapeutic elements and oxygen supplies in place. According to the Health Ministry, more than 6,300 patients are presently under hospital management, with almost 2,900 treated in clinical hotels. It is necessary, Giorgi Gakharia emphasized, maximally to unburden the hospital sector through the effective management of clinical hotels, in order to make sure that those in urgent need of special treatment and medical services are not left behind.

The meeting pointed out that up to 28,000 active infection cases are currently under management throughout the country. According to the executives of clinics, it is important to prevent the present statistic from growing, because pressure on the hospital sector is serious as it is. At this point, special attention is still paid to the management of severe and critical cases, they added.

The Head of Government was provided with detailed information on the situation with available beds in the hospital sector and efforts toward mobilizing additional ICU beds and relevant medical equipment. The conversation also touched on work toward ensuring a smooth COVID-vaccination process.