27 January 2022,   15:11
For the first time in recent months we have less than 3 000 cases out of more than 17 000 tests - Giorgi Gakharia

You may well be aware that 20 days have passed since November 28, when the Council decided to impose precision-targeted restrictions in the country. Today we may say that as an interim outcome we managed to curtail the community transfer rate. Irrespective of the principally increased testing volumes, cases of viral infection are relatively stable quantity-wise. It was announced by Giorgi Gakharia, Prime Minister of Georgia at the Executive Government Meeting held today.

According to him, over 17 000 tests have been administered a day for the first time ever in recent months and less than 3000 cases have been confirmed, thus being a basis of only cautious optimism.

“It is the basis of only a cautious optimism. I wish to underline that it is only a cautious optimism, as it is merely an initial result or an opportunity to result in the first outcome, which we were saying. Our main goal has always been the curbing of a community transfer rate, which we managed to achieve. However, we should all understand the conditions, which is witnessed in Europe with record-high community transfer rates each day. European countries are further tightening their restrictions including for Christmas and New Year"s Eve. We should do our best to make each step primarily driven by responsibility and prudency. We should do our best to make sure that this interim, minor achievement, which we have witnessed today, gets maintained. We should safeguard our elderly and people of any age with chronic diseases. We should all understand that unfortunately the death toll is rising to record-high numbers in many countries of Europe. Such scale of mortality has not been experienced since WWII. Our main goal is to safeguard our elderly and with this sense of responsibility all of us - public and private sectors, citizens and businesses - should behave during the festivities”, - said the Head of Government.