23 January 2022,   13:08
Denmark announces Christmas lockdown as coronavirus cases spike

Danish prime minister Mette Frederiksen has announced that the country will be “practically closed down” from December 25th, with some measures to take effect as early as Thursday.

All shopping centres and shopping arcades will close from todau, December 17th, while businesses such as hairdressers, physiotherapists and driving schools will close from Monday December 21st.

All retail businesses, with the exception of supermarkets, pharmacies and other stores which sell daily essentials, will be closed from December 25th until January 3rd.

In announcing the restrictions, Frederiksen said that Denmark would be “practically closed down” until January 3rd. Further compensation packages will be negotiated for businesses, Frederiksen said.

“We are doing this because an epidemic that runs out of control would have great consequences and bigger consequences than closing down now will have”, - she added.

All school children will be sent home from December 21st, the prime minister also confirmed. Under the current partial lockdown, schools are still open for children up to fourth grade.

“We have reached risk level four in the entire country, the second-highest level. That means authorities believe there is widespread outbreak in society”, - Frederiksen said.