25 January 2022,   17:06
80 201 people already received GEL 300 assistance

The Government started providing GEL 300 GEL assistance in December and 80 201 people have already received a total of GEL 24 060 300.

According to the State Employment Promotion Agency, today the one-time compensation will be transferred to another 8 520 people (GEL 2 556 000).

“As of today, a total of 26,616,300 GEL has been transferred from the budget. In order to receive this assistance, the deadline for submitting primary electronic applications expires today, December 24, and it will be possible to verify the submitted information by December 28”, - reads the statement of the agency.

People who temporarily lost jobs or customers due to the precision-targeted restrictions imposed from November 28, 2020, resulting in the suspension of business or customer service at the premises of the facility are beneficiaries of the GEL 300 one-time assistance.