28 January 2021,   16:23
Confrontation between Muslim and Christian communities in the village of Buknari - 2 people were injured

Two individuals were injured in a confrontation between Muslim and Christian communities in Georgia’s western village of Buknari, Chokhatauri municipality.

Part of the local Muslim population has wanted to build a mosque in the village. They are opposed by the Christian local population, which resulted in a conflict between locals on January 12.

Yesterday late after the incident police detained 1 person for attacking 2 locals in Buknari.

Dozens arrived from Adjara in the village, to support the Muslim community. Mufti of Kobuleti and Guria Aslan Beridze also arrived in Buknari today.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, two minors with head injuries were transferred to hospital and their lives are not in danger. As the Chokhatauri Mayor Irakli Kuchava said, the Government and law enforcers will do their best to resolve the conflict in the village of Buknari.