17 September 2021,   19:50
You are now abusing me, this is violence, this is aggression - Irakli Garibashvili to the journalist of Formula

The Prime Minister of Georgia confronted some of the journalists and called them “the divisions of the political parties”.

“Your television [he addresses the journalist of Formula] is a party TV, you are funded by one of the most corrupt criminals, [David] Kezerashvili. You are just abusers. You are a party activist, you are a member of the United National Movement, which is funded by the biggest robber Kezerashvili. You are now abusing me, this is violence, this is aggression.

You represent the UNM, personally you. You are wasting your time now, you should be in the party, you have to be in the front line, I want to see you in parliament, because you are an ordinary party activist.

You [media] have to end this falsity and this violence, in this case I am not talking to you, I am talking to the people who are your managers. It is unfortunate that the televisions have been transformed into divisions of party organizations”, - said Irakli Garibashvili.