16 January 2022,   14:38
Ministry of Internal Affairs detained 21 people for drug-related crimes in Tbilisi and regions, including 18 drug dealers

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has detained drug dealers in Tbilisi, Lagodekhi, Marneuli, Rustavi and Batumi as a result of which drugs in especially large quantities have been seized by the law enforcers.

As a result of intensive complex operative-search and investigative activities carried out by police along with Special Tasks Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 18 drug dealers have been arrested. The detainees are as follows:

- The officers of the Central Criminal Police Department detained: D.V. (DoB1996) currently on probation, G.G. (DoB 1974) currently on probation, E.K. (DoB1974) G.K. (DoB 970) Z. M. (DoB1982) A.A. (DoB 1984), G.N. (DoB 1992), A.N. (DoB 1988) V.A. (DoB 1988), V.M. (DoB1986), T.A. (DoB 1986) and A.G. (DoB 2004).
- The officers of Kakheti Police Department detained: I.A. (DoB1973). V.A. (DoB1983)
- Kvemo Kartli Police Department detained: R.G. (DoB 1986), I.A. (DoB 1974), M.K. (DoB 1992) O.Z. (DoB1990).
Adjara Police Department detained following persons for illegal purchase and keeping of drugs: A.G. (DoB 1964). M.Ch. (DoB 1982).
- The employees of Vake-Saburtalo Police Main Division of Tbilisi Police Department detained- G.A. born in 1985.

The mentioned persons are accused of illegal purchase and keeping of drugs in large and especially large quantities, the attempted selling of drugs and the attempted selling of drugs committed in group.

The committed crimes envisage from 8 to 20 years or lifetime imprisonment.

The investigation established that the accused persons sold drugs to citizens on the regular basis. The law enforcers, based on the court decision, carried out several control purchases of drugs and secretly recorded the process.

Three persons arrested by the police were the couriers of an organized group of drug dealers operating through the social network. They placed drugs at various locations in Tbilisi for further realization.

During the personal search and search activities held in detainees’ places of residence, the law enforcers seized various types of drugs in especially large quantities, including up to 8 liters of new psychoactive substance as well as large amount of cash.

Investigation is in progress under Article 260 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.