22 April 2024,   17:29
May 26 is celebrated around the world with various events

Different foreign countries will join Georgia in marking May 26, the Independence Day.

World sightseeing sites to light in colours of the Georgian flag: Niagara Falls in Canada, Central Bridge in Lithuania, the National Carillon building in Australia, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company in UAE, Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia and Clock Tower in Izmir, Turkey.

Buildings in Georgian state flag colors will be lit in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Cyprus, South Korea, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovakia, Spain, and Indonesia. A ceremony of the Georgian flag’s flying will be held in New York.

Organized by Georgian Embassies, cultural activities will take place in the US, Azerbaijan, Japan, Romania, Switzerland, and Austria. Different festive events are planned in Germany, Denmark, the UK, Italy, France, Portugal, Estonia, Moldova, Norway, Sweden, etc.