29 November 2023,   08:49
Head of Special Investigation Service held a meeting with representatives of “World Organization Against Torture” during his official visit to Brussels.

Koka Katsitadze and the Special Investigation Service’s [SIS] representatives were welcomed by the regional program coordinator, Masha Chichenkova and the human rights advisor, Ulviyya Hasanova.

OMCT is an international coalition with 200-member non-governmental organizations to combat torture and ill-treatment.

“The World Organization Against Torture” [OMCT] provides reports to the UN Committee for the Prevention of Torture [CPT] meetings.

During the meeting, the Head of the SIS provided information to the human rights defenders on the role and mandate of the Special Investigation Service. The discussion covered issues related to investigating the facts of ill-treatment committed by law enforcement officers, disclosure of personal life secrets, interference with the journalist’s professional activities and other violations of human rights and freedom. The involvement of victims in the investigation process was emphasized. Additionally, attention was focused on the SIS’s productive collaborations with human rights organizations.

Representatives of the OMCT shared their extensive experience investigating crimes related to torture, ill-treatment, violence, and discrimination. They expressed their readiness for the future cooperation.