29 February 2024,   03:37
Salome Zourabichvili meets the Georgian media within the framework of the “Our Voice for Europe” campaign

The President of Georgia met the Georgian media within the framework of the “Our Voice for Europe” campaign.

“Europe is that today, this evening, absolutely everyone was invited. There was no discrimination with any orientation or direction. We made a list as complete as possible. If someone is not on this list, it is our mistake, not a deliberate decision. I want to thank you all for being together. If there is anything and depolarization means anything, what Europe is calling us to do is this - everyone can stand together, talk to each other, exchange ideas with each other. God forbid that everyone has one opinion, we have passed it, it belongs to another past, and there will never be a return to the time when everyone was required to think alike, speak alike.

I also want to tell everyone that your role is very important. I had young people here before you. Young people who look at us with great hope, because they know that their future is only in Europe. You must lead these young people forward. Young people need not only hope, but also knowledge, to see what this path is like and how to walk it. How to have faith in this country. Do not suddenly decide that it is better to go abroad. Everyone can make this decision at some point, because that’s what freedom is, but we need young people to achieve results together with them”, - said Salome Zourabichvili.