29 February 2024,   12:42
The rule of postponement of mandatory military service is changing

The Parliament has approved amendments to the Defense Code in the third reading, with 81 votes in favor. Deputy Minister of Defense Grigol Giorgadze presented the bill to the Members of Parliament.

The amendment introduces a provision stating that a person has the right to appeal the decision to enroll them in the military register within 15 calendar days after they receive official notification of it. However, appealing the decision does not suspend its operation.

Additionally, the amendment allows individuals serving in the national military service as conscripts who have been dismissed from service based on the Code to voluntarily continue their service. In such cases, additional material support and social guarantees can be established according to the Minister’s legal act.

The amendment also addresses issues related to special registration, postponement of national military service for students enrolled in higher education programs in Georgia, postponement of national military service for active students of foreign higher education programs recognized by foreign country legislation, and the criteria for awarding ranks during the transitional period.