04 March 2024,   21:00
Hamas leader’s house encircled by Israeli troops, Netanyahu says

Israeli forces are surrounding the house of top Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar in Gaza, according to Benjamin Netanyahu, writes Sky News.

“Yesterday I said that our forces could reach anywhere in the Gaza Strip. Today they are encircling Sinwar’s house. His house may not be his fortress and he can escape but it’s only a matter of time before we get him”, - said the Israeli prime minister.

Yahya Sinwar has led Hamas since 2017, having joined its ranks in the early 1980s. Believed to be the architect of the 7 October attacks, he is Israel"s most wanted, according to Netanyahu.

The 61-year-old’s nicknames include “the face of evil”, “butcher of Khan Younis”, and “man of 12” - in reference to 12 suspected informers he is believed to have killed.