16 April 2024,   09:03
Rehabilitation of the irrigation system in Kvemo Kartli is underway

Improvements to the irrigation system covering 4,075 hectares of land in Marneuli and Bolnisi municipalities would improve water supply to 11 villages, says the Agriculture Ministry.

“The project would significantly increase quality harvest for the villages of Tsurtavi, Parizi, Kizilajlo, Tamarisi, Tsereteli, Sabirkendi, Algeti, Tazakendi, Azizkendi, Algetis Mevenakheoba and Keshalo. The surrounding area of the city of Marneuli and businesses will also benefit from the restored irrigation system.

The project is financed by GEL 4.4 million, with the works expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Seven infrastructure renovation projects were currently underway in Kvemo Kartli to ensure regular irrigation of 1,885 hectares of agricultural land in the locality”, - adds the agency.