19 April 2024,   02:45
The infrastructural works of the archaeological site “Gadachrili Gora” continue

The historical archaeological complex of Gadachrili Gora in Kvemo Kartli would welcome visitors with new infrastructure after works on the site are completed by late 2024.

The site would be an important open-air museum to attract travellers, after inspecting the works on site located near the village of Imiri [35km south of Tbilisi].

The site has revealed ancient winemaking artefacts in digs since 2014, when the international project “Research and Popularisation of Georgian Grape and Wine Culture” was initiated by the Georgian National Museum, the Georgian Wine Association and the National Wine Agency of Georgia.

Findings at the site indicated that ancient people from this area were some of the first to use wild grapes and vines for health, religious and spiritual reasons, before the vine culture later spread around the globe.

The infrastructure project involved setting up road and engineering infrastructure, while a museum and “additional tourist attractions” are also being developed for the site.