19 April 2024,   20:24
An unregistered sawmill and illegally harvested timber revealed in Guria

Employees of the Guria Forestry Service discovered an unregistered sawmill and illegally harvested deciduous species of wood in the village of Surebi, Chokhatauri municipality. The violator transported the illegally harvested hardwood to the sawmill for processing with a truck. In the workshop area also was found a primary processing product (plank). The unregistered sawmill and truck were sealed. Since the case contains signs of a criminal offense, the materials were sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for further proceedings.

"Employees of regional forestry services are actively fighting to prevent law violations throughout the country. Prevention and detection of the facts of illegal use of natural resources is our main priority”, - said the Head of the National Forestry Agency, Kakha Tsertsvadze.