24 April 2024,   04:55
US House passes temporary funding bill to avert government shutdown

The House has passed a short-term funding bill, narrowly averting a partial government shutdown that would have taken place this weekend, writes The Guardian.

The bill passed with a 320-99 vote on Thursday afternoon. Among Republicans, 113 voted yes and 97 voted no. Meanwhile, 207 Democrats voted yes and 2 voted against it.

The two Democrats who voted against the bill were Mike Quigley of Illinois and Jake Auchincloss of Massachusetts.

The bill’s passage comes after congressional leaders from both parties, including the House speaker, Mike Johnson; the House minority leader, Hakeem Jeffries; the Senate majority leader, Chuck Schumer; the Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell; as well as leaders of the House and Senate appropriations committees, announced the agreement on Wednesday.

“To give the House and Senate appropriations committees adequate time to execute on this deal in principle, including drafting, preparing report language, scoring and other technical matters and to allow members 72 hours to review, a short-term continuing resolution to fund agencies through March 8 and the 22 will be necessary, and voted on by the House and Senate this week”, - the statement said.