22 April 2024,   09:32
Victim of the fourth wife – 28-year-old woman kills 37-year-old husband

The employees of Imereti Police Department and Samtredia Police Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as a result of immediate operative measures and investigative actions detained N.Kh. (DoB 1995) for premeditated murder committed against a family member under aggravating circumstances.

The committed crime envisions from 16 to 20 years or life imprisonment.

The investigation established that on April 2 of the current year, in Samtredia Municipality, as a result of conflict on the ground of altercation, detainee wounded her husband - M.G. (DoB 1987) with a cold steel. The wounded man died on the spot as a result of sustained injuries.

As a result of investigative activities and operational measures conducted in the course of investigation, police detained N.Kh. shortly after the incident.

The law enforcement officers seized the weapon of crime - a knife as evidence.

The investigation is being conducted under Article 11(1) 109 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, sub-paragraph “K”, which refers to the premeditated murder of a family member under aggravating circumstances.