23 May 2024,   20:00
At least 33 killed in Afghanistan as heavy rains set off flash floods

At least 33 people have been killed over three days of heavy rains and flash flooding in Afghanistan, according to the government’s disaster management department, writes Al Jazeera.

“From Friday onwards, because of the rains there were flash floods which caused high human and financial losses”, department spokesman Janan Sayeq said. “The primary information shows that, unfortunately, in the floods, 33 people were martyred and 27 people got injured”.

Most casualties were from roof collapses, as some 600 houses were damaged or destroyed. In addition, 200 livestock have perished, nearly 600km of road have been destroyed, and about 800 hectares of agricultural land have “flooded away”, the spokesman added.

20 of the nation’s 34 provinces were lashed by the heavy rains, which followed an unusually dry winter season that has parched terrain and forced farmers to delay planting.