18 June 2024,   07:22
According to the CEC"s latest results Kakha Kaladze leads with 51.15%

The data of 714 from 737 polling stations have already been counted . According to the results, Kakha Kaladze is leading in Tbilisi mayoral elections. According to the latest data, "Georgian Dream" candidate has 51.15% of the votes. 17.46% has independent candidate Aleko Elisashvili. Candidate of National Movement Zaal Udumashvili received 16.48% of votes, Elene Khoshtaria is almost 7%.

As for the Sakrebulo"s proportional list, a 4 percent barrier imposed for local self-government elections has been overcome by 4 parties. These are "Georgian Dream", "National Movement" "European Georgia" and "Alliance of Patriots."

As for Kutaisi, 112 precincts are counted from 124 polling stations. The candidate of "Georgian Dream" Giorgi Chirgvaia has 48.45%, Grigol Vashadze from "National Movement" 27.17% which means that in Kutaisi, the second round will be held in 2 weeks.

The Central Election Commission will provide detailed information to the population at 11:00 pm.