27 January 2022,   04:13
" Sadistic and terrible wounds inflicted to a 16-year-old youth " - Republican Hospital Director

" Sadistic and terrible wounds inflicted to a 16-year-old youth. We are outraged, "-
said the director general of the Republic Hospital Avtandil Imedadze speaking about the health of the wounded pupil of the school # 51. According to him, the patient has suffered a lot of injuries.

"The pressure was zero. While entering the operation room his heart stopeed . Heart-breast, abdominal cavity, major vessels are damaged, thigh artery and veins, a real fight for his life was going on in the operation room. Now we have a little stabilization, hopefully the fight will end with the victory of doctors, "- said Avtandil Imedadze.

Zaza Sopromadze, deputy health minister, made a statement about the health condition of 16-year-old teenager. According to him, the patient"s health condition is grave at this stage.

As a result of the confrontation in Khorava Street, two pupils were wounded in the school # 51, one of whom died before being hospitalized and one was operated in the Republican hospital.