29 May 2022,   08:53
17-year-old teenager, who has inflicted self-injuries with hunting gun, allegedly played so-called Blue whale game

The 17-year-old teenager,who has inflicted self-injuries with a hunting gun was under the supervision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The agency confirms that the investigation has been carried out for the illegal use of computer data or computer system for several months already. The director of Khelvachauri"s first school connects the incident to internet and states that after s he had noticed scratches on the teenager`s arm in summer , addressed the law enforcers the Ministry of Education and the parents. There was a doubt that the teenager was playingThe Blue Whale game . The director of the school says that the teenager then said that he had just joked and nothing serious had been hapenning which is confirmed by his uncle.

Relatives say that the teenager has missed the school recently. He had worked for a certain period of time and eventually left the work.

Investigation is in progress under Article 117 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which implies intentional serious damage to health. In addition, the investigation started in the summer is still underway.