19 July 2024,   03:09
Zurab Idoyidze was sentenced to imprisonment in connection with terrorism

The Tbilisi City Court sentenced Zurab Idoyidze to imprisonment for connection with terrorism. The judge fully satisfied the request of the Prosecutor"s Office.

After the hearing , the prosecutor of the case explained that the prosecution had all the evidence that Zurab Idoyadze"s guilt in support of terrorism was proved .

The defense does not agree with the court"s decision. As the detainee"s human rights defender explained, the decision will be appealed at the Appeal Court in the nearest future.

"The motion of the prosecution was satisfied and by the decision of the court he was sentenced to imprisonment as a preventive measure, which will be appealed by the procedure established by the law," Davit Modebadze said.

The accused is still using the right to silence. Lawyer Davit Modebadze explains that Iodyiadze did not commit a crime and he does not plead guilty.

Zurab Idodyidze was arrested in Akhmeta during the special operation on January 9. Investigation is underway under Article 331 Prima part III of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which implies financing terrorism, providing other material support or resources for terrorist activities, which has caused severe consequences.

The offense envisages from 17 to 20 years of imprisonment or life imprisonment.