16 July 2024,   17:28
Georgia declines to give shelter to citizens of neighboring countries most often

The Georgian government most of all refuses to give shelter to citizens of neighboring countries is refusing to give shelter to the neighboring countries most often- NDFI releases a report on summing up 5 years of statistics. According to the NGO survey, 202 people from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey have asked the refugee status.

Georgia has satisfied only five requests. The authors of the study speak about the system"s shortcomings. The statistical findings rise question that behind the security reasons may be a political decision.

The Minister of Refugees and Resettlement states that the IDFI study is unqualified. According to the Ministry the system has no flaws and all decisions are made in individual mode.

Despite these statements, the NGO sector which deals with this issue states that refusal on the refugee status is often unsubstantiated and it is necessary to fix systemic shortcomings.