23 May 2024,   15:26
Interrogation of three Pankisi residents went on for 10 hours in State Security Agency

During 10 hours, three young people living in Pankisi Gorge were interrogated at State Security. One of them is Yusuf Khangoshvili, son of the elder Jarap Khangoshvili.
Yusuf Khangoshvili was summoned for interrogation after the publication of the evidence in Chataev"s case in "Saturday`s Courier"Yusuf Khangoshvili is a young man who moved around the city together with Temirlan Machalikashvili and persons liquadated in a special operation on Gabriel Salosi street . Khangoshvili"s face was blurred by the state security service during the publication of the case materials, the details were disclosed only after "Courier" aired video material.