22 May 2024,   05:33
Restrictions on Sarpi Customs - Head of Government of Adjara started negotiations with Turkish side

Special negotiations on the restrictions on Sarpi customs have begun with the Turkish side. Chairman of Ajara government Zurab Pataradze returned from Turkey a few minutes ago. He met with local governor. According to Pataradze, negotiations are underway and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is involved in the case.

"There is cooperation and full readiness to solve this problem. Similar messages were sent to Ankara today. In the nearest future we will have concrete vision with the Turkish side. The interest of citizens of both countries should be taken into account, "Zurab Pataradze said.

The "Courier" crew visited the so called At Kemal Pasha"s market, where Georgians used to go to trade. All shops were closed today. The shop owners said to Rustavi 2 that the regulations enacted from January 1st have created financial problems.
The rally against the regulations launched from January 1 started at Sarpi customs at 6 am.