11 December 2023,   12:32
Beka Rusia"s case and scandalous video material - Public Defender gets interested in details of case

The Public Defender has got interested in new details of Beka Rusia"s case, who was killed at the Muzhava checkpoint at the Abkhazian occupation line. The Ombudsman"s Office will study videos that show how one of the commanders is abusing the soldier.

The main investigative agency has no answer to the question whether the videos and photos from Rusia`s phone will be included in the case file. It is not known whether the Prosecutor"s Office will launch a new investigation on the facts of torture and inhuman treatment by the commanders.

The Prosecutor"s Office is investigating the Rusis`s case under the Article pertaining to the negligence. One soldier was arrested, who accidentally wounded Rusis from a tabloid weapon.

Video files have been kept in private phone of Beka Rusia, a soldier who was killed, for several months. Video materia aired in Saturday"s Courier explicitly shows how one of the commanders is torturing a soldier at the Mujahawa checkpoint at the occupation line in Abkhazia.

The photos in the cell phone of the killed soldier depict the military servicemen posing with a commander`s revolver which is not lawful. The family thinks that these facts are directly related to Beka"s murder.

The National Movement and the European Georgia say that the responsibility is imposed on the high ranking officials whose competence is the establishment of the order in the armed forces.