17 June 2024,   04:01
Lawyer of deceased Beka Rusia says he was threatened

An investigator from the Prosecutor"s Office is at deceased Beka Rusia" house in Abasha. Beka Rusia"s mother answers his questions in the presence of the lawyer.

A few minutes ago, the lawyer received a phone call. According to him, he was threatened due to disclosure the case again.

Arkadi Kvanchiani, the prosecutor has questions about Beka Rusia"s personal cell phone, photos and video material stored in it. Beka Rusia has sent the phone to his grandmother shortly before his death and asked her to keep it.

The footage shows how a commander beats one of soldiers, while the photos stored in the phone show soldiers who are holding the commander"s weapons.

Beka Rusia"s mother demands a meeting with the Interior Minister . She demands to launch a new investigation based on this footage and enclose the material said that her son had expressed his desire to leave the station and told him that he would be told about the disorder.

The investigation plans to question Beka Rusia"s grandmother.