30 November 2023,   21:42
All culprits will be severely punished - Kakha Kaladze

Tbilisi Mayor Kakhi Kaladze is in the Varketili metro station, where the ceiling collapsed this morning. According to Kaladze, the criminalists will learn the incident. Kaladze says that a strict reaction will follow the incident and all culprits will be punished severely.

"I have already stated and I will repeat once more that special attention will be paid to general constructions, its quality and all culprits will be strictly punished,"- said Kakha Kaladze.
According to the Mayor of the capital, the works were completed in August in this particular facility and in September it was already exploited.

"This particular company has been working on the metro station" Akhmeteli " as well and we will start to check how the works are carried out to prevent the disaster," said the mayor of the capital.

The ceiling in the Varketili subway collapsed this morning. According to the latest data 11 people are injured.