03 December 2021,   23:52
"If the number of asylum seekers increases, we may start the suspension mechanism" - German Interior Minister speaks about visa liberalization

Official Germany has talked about the possibility of starting a suspension mechanism of visa liberalization. The statement was made by German Interior Minister Thomas de Mezieri after the meeting with the Georgian delegation within three-day Munich Security Conference.

Georgian delegation in Munich is headed by Prime Minister of Georgia. One of the most important issues was the visa liberalization about which Georgian representatives had to speak during the meetings. Germany expresses its concern over the growing tendency of asylum seekers and states that the Georgian side should do everything to prevent launching a visa liberalization suspension mechanism.

"Georgia knows that if the number of asylum seekers sharply increases, we may start launching a mechanism of suspension so that the future of visa liberalization depends on Georgia. Of course we can wait, but the increase in quantity is a matter of concern. One more thing that cocerns us is that the level of crime among the asylum seekers is higher than from other countries. So Georgia has to do a lot of things, "said German Interior Minister Thomas de Mezier.